Whakamarama Country Residence

Sitting on a gorgeous, elevated, but extremely private site in the rural hills of Tauranga, this property is blessed with ever changing coastal views.
Derived from a simple building form and modest materials, this project was about careful execution of the details - with the plan to build and deliver a home that was timeless and beautifully complemented alongside gardens that the owner would endeavour to create.  
What separates this home from others is the use of materials. The painted timber joinery and cedar shingles visually illustrate what an investment into signature elements can achieve. Other materials have been kept honest and true, like the simple corrugated iron roof and ply board and batten. 
The client and I always knew what we were aspiring to, which was a no fuss look while still capturing a luxurious feel, combined with ‘less than perfect’ aspects - such as wire brushed herringbone floors, timber joinery, natural black slate, beamed ceilings and battened walls. The feature concrete fireplace claims centre stage and bespoke Porters Paints add a touch of the extraordinary. 
Over the years the homeowner has acquired the most amazing classic/antique pieces, which set the footprint for a lot of the way we approached each space. We wanted these items to feel like they were not the hero in the room, but that they were purposely meant to be there. Most of the furniture, aside from a few items - like some gorgeous sisal rugs and a few side tables - have been bought over from previous projects for the same client.
The result is a classically timeless home, underpinned by a sumptuous level of comfort. 

(This was the third property I have been involved in for these clients.)